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Modern Pilates.

Stronger together.

Zoom-based online classes

During the lockdown period, we had to adjust to a new reality of online classes, supported by Zoom.

It is easy to use and it has made Pilates an accessible choice of exercise when you are self-isolating or find it difficult to travel to a studio.

YZPilates online sessions are mixed-level, each series starting at the beginner level and taking it up to more advanced options.

All participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and stay at the level appropriate to them.

The number of participants in each session is kept low at 12, so that the instructor is able to watch the students and provide constructive feedback.

Please be aware that the camera on your device may need to be re-positioned during the session, so that you remain visible to the instructor.

If you are new to Pilates or have a pre-existing health condition, it is advisable to have a one-to-one first session.

Pilates equipment

You can participate fully in the session, even if you don't have any special equipment.

A rolled up blanket, a large paperback or a pillow can be used to replace a block for head support.

A couple of tins or small hand weights can be used to load some exercises.

A resistance band, which you can buy online, will be useful (go for blue for medium resistance) but can be replaced with a pair of tights or leggings.

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