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After ten years of classroom-based teaching, I changed careers and started my own business, which involved long hours in front of the screen. Despite regular swimming, dancing and gym-based exercise, I developed several musculoskeletal problems, which were persistent and prone to flare-ups.


I discovered a Pilates studio in my area, and, after two terms of consistent effort, I noticed significant improvement in my ability to move freely.

Steph White Personal Branding Photograph
Steph White Personal Branding Photograph


Over the years, I progressed through the levels, eventually completing a Modern Pilates instructor training, Progressive and Advanced Matwork training and several courses on rehab Pilates for spinal, shoulder, lower leg and vestibular conditions as well as Pilates for ante- and post-natal clients.

My Zoom-based sessions are mixed-level, which means that each series starts with a basic level, with added layers of adaptations and progressions to meet the needs of more advanced students. My living-room based studio set-up means that you are able to see and hear me at all times. If you move your device from standing to sitting and lying on the mat, I will be able to see you and provide constructive feedback.

Steph White Personal Branding Photograph
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